Presentations from 4th London Geothermal Syposium: The Launch of BritGeothermal

Presentations that have been made available by the authors are linked below:

Keynote Presentations

BritGeothermal: Research Challenges

Powering the Future

Plumbing the Depths for Heat Delivery

  • The Geothermal Prospects for the South-East Cheshire Basin: A Geological, Sociological and Economic Overview, Peter Styles, Keele University and Matt O'Neill, East Cheshire Council- please contact Peter Styles at Keele University to request a copy
  • The Manchester Deep Geothermal Heat Project – Challenges and Lessons Learnt, Riccardo Pasquali, GT Energy
  • Heat Networks Characteristics of Success, Mike Smith, Cofeley
  • A Local Authority Approach to Developing a Deep Geothermal Sourced DHN, Andrew Briggs, Stoke Council
  • Deep Geothermal Heat Production in Cornwall, Ryan Law, Geothermal Engineering

Exploration and Endeavour


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