Aaron Williams

A conceptual hydrogeological model for fault related geothermal resources in Northern Britain

To develop a generic conceptual hydrogeological model for the occurrence, and likely response to development, of naturally warm groundwaters inferred to be circulating in and near major faults in northern England and the Midland Valley of Scotland. The project will involve collation, collection and critical analysis of data (geological, geophysical, hydraulic, geochemical) from existing and new, deep geothermal boreholes in the study region, and from analogous sources of information (such as archival analyses of waters found near faults in deep mines of the region when they were working). On this evidence, a formal, conceptual hydrogeological model will be developed to describe the occurrence of sufficient quantities of deep groundwaters abundant and hot enough to support direct and indirect geothermal resource exploitation. Consistency between the conceptual model and available data will then be tested using numerical simulations (using codes such as FEFLOW), and guidance for practical resource quantification will be derived, for later use by industry.


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