Dr Rob Westaway

Dr Rob Westaway




Rob is a senior research fellow in the Systems, Power and Energy division of the School of Engineering of the University of Glasgow. He has wide-ranging multi-disciplinary research interests, including geothermics and rheological modelling of Earth deformation, having authored almost 200 publications. Rob has a PhD from Cambridge University and has worked at several British and overseas universities and run his own consultancy company before joining the University of Glasgow in 2012. His research interests in geothermics include the development of techniques to correct raw heat flow data for effects of palaeoclimate and topography and investigation of effects of erosion, sedimentation and magmatism on the thermal state of the Earth's crust. His work also includes the development of conceptual models to facilitate the understanding of high conductive heat flow or hot groundwater in hitherto poorly understood geothermal fields. He is currently involved in this aspect as regards the commercial development of a geothermal field in Slovakia, and has also recently acted as a consultant regarding the assessment of geothermal energy resources in Britain.

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Westaway, R, and Younger, P L. 2013. Accounting for palaeoclimate and topography: a rigorous approach to correction of the British geothermal dataset. Geothermics, 48. p31–51.


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