David Birks

Groundwater Cooling



Large-scale groundwater cooling systems

This project evaluates the performance of shallow open loop groundwater heating and cooling systems in terms of energy efficiency and reliability. The proposed study will investigate the principal factors affecting whole life costs through a portfolio of existing projects over a timescale sufficient to encompass design, construction and at least 3 years of operations. The current portfolio comprises six systems at various stages of development, representative of the full range of typical heating and cooling capacities (<100kW to >2000kW) in different geological settings. It is envisaged that additional projects will be incorporated into the monitoring programme as the proposed study advances.The project has one overarching aim.

“To improve understanding of the main factors affecting the long term performance and reliability of hydraulically-balanced groundwater heating and cooling systems and their impacts on whole life cost”.

The above stated aim is considered important in establishing the role of this technology and its potential impact in helping the UK to reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions in the context of other established and emerging technologies.


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