Dr Charlotte Adams

Dr Charlotte Adams




Charlotte is the research manager for the BritGeothermal Consortium and is based in the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University. Her research interests include hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, geothermal energy and ground source heat and microgeneration. Charlotte gained a PhD from Newcastle University while researching the removal of ecotoxic metals from abandoned mine drainage and has had a long interest in geothermal energy, which began while working at Newcastle University on Coal Authority funded research that included temperature logging at several deep mineshafts in the UK. Charlotte has both industrial and academic experience having joined industry on secondment to investigate the potential of abandoned mine workings for exploitation by ground source heat pumps and having worked subsequently for several years in the renewable energy industry. Charlotte joined Durham University in 2009 as the Business Research Co-ordinator for Durham Energy Institute. More recently she has researched the geothermal potential of the Cheshire Basin and the north east of England on behalf of local authorities and developers.

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