BritGeothermal is a new UK-based consortium established as a focus for deep geothermal energy research both in the UK and globally.

The consortium members include the British Geological Survey and the universities of Durham, Glasgow and Newcastle.

The consortium has the two most recent deep geothermal wells drilled in the UK as part of its portfolio and welcomes collaboration with other research groups and organisations working in the field of deep geothermal energy.

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Watch BBC Radio 4 series 'The Life Scientific' featuring BritGeothermal Director Prof Paul Younger.

Read about Government plans to investigate whether UK can get geothermal power from Iceland.

Heat flow map of the UK

Deep geothermal for the UK

The UK has good potential geothermal heat resources associated with deep granites and hot aquifers located in several deep sedimentary basins across the UK.

Science Central Well

Elsewhere in the world

Our consortium members are working on active geothermal projects in Kenya and Ethiopia, and have links with projects in Australia and India.


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